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How to Create Smooth Feng Shui at The Hills Apartment For the New Year

How to Create Smooth Feng Shui at The Hills Apartment For the New Year

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If you're interested in drawing in some good luck for 2022, why not use the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui? Feng Shui lets you arrange your environment in ways that bring in positive energy. So if you're looking to achieve your new year resolutions, your Hills apartment can help you get it done.

Decorations That Transition Out of 2021 and Into 2022

The five elements — water, wood, metal, fire, and earth— must be present in your home to balance energy. Either a physical or symbolic representation will work for good Feng Shui.

  • Blend elements through mixed media artwork, incorporating metal, wood, or earth.
  • clay pot indoor plant brings in earth elements and brings energy to your home without taking up too much space.
  • An excellent way to add water elements to your home is by using ocean-themed artwork in your apartment.

Decorations That Transition Out of 2021 and Into 2022

Feng Shui uses the five elements — water, fire, earth, metal, and wood— to balance out the energy in your home. You can incorporate these elements into your home either physically or symbolically.

  • You can always blend elements by using artwork or furniture with more than one element, like metal and wood chairs.
  • An easy-to-care-for clay pot indoor plant is an excellent way to bring the earth element into your apartment
  • Add the element of water to your January 2022 decor, hanging an ocean-themed print to your apartment.

Brightening Up Your Apartment for the New Year

For energy to flow through your home, Feng Shui calls for a clear from door and windows. Feng Shui also promotes light and bright environment, so any way to lighten up the atmosphere works.

  • A red-toned lamp works as a symbol for fire and creates a bright pop of color.
  • A light linen drape lets light shine in without sacrificing your privacy.

Add Feng Shui to Your January 2022 Decor

Achieve your New Year's resolutions in 2022 by using Feng Shui. Visit the Orangevale Farm & Garden for ideas on bringing nature into your home, which is a very Feng Shui concept. Purchase a plant or two to bring in earth elements and make 2022 the best year yet.

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