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Decorate Your Hills Orangevale Apartment for a Festive Holiday Season

Decorate Your Hills Orangevale Apartment for a Festive Holiday Season

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When you live in an apartment as fabulous as The Hills, it would be a shame not to get it ready for the holiday season! Add a bit of festive cheer to your modern apartment with decorations that last from Christmas well into the new year. There's no better way to make a place your own with decorations unique to your tastes.

Decorations That Transition From Christmas & Into the New Year

Decorating an apartment for Christmas and New Year's Eve can be a bit exhausting. You do all that work putting beautiful decorations up only to have to take them down once Christmas is over. So why not opt for decorations that last from Christmas and well into the new year instead? Festive cheer doesn't have to end once Christmas does!

An effortless and affordable decoration that looks great in both December and January is a brass ring wreath. All that's required is a large brass ring (choose the size you like best) and holiday decorations such as pinecones, dried flowers, and greens.

Using floral wire and tape, wire the florals and pinecones to the brass ring. You can use a bit of tape too! Once all your decorations have been wired or taped to the brass ring, hang it or rest it on your kitchen countertop. This modern yet festive decoration is a guaranteed hit with guests too!

A Checklist for Creating a Winter Wonderland In Your Apartment

There's nothing better than having the feeling of a Winter Wonderland when spending time at home. Why not get started on a checklist for your decorations today? Try to achieve that feeling for months and into the New Year. 

Keeping Your Festive Decoration Through The New Year

Just because Christmas comes and goes quickly doesn't mean your holiday decorations have to! To decorate your Hills apartment with trending Christmas items, and you'll be sure to have a space perfect for the holiday season!

With Historic Sutter Street only a couple of minutes away from your apartment, why not spend the morning having a pleasant stroll and a bite to eat at one of their great restaurants followed by an evening of crafting? Pair the crafting with some holiday music, and you're bound to have a great evening!

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