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How To Prepare Your Apartment for Guests During Thanksgiving at The Hills

How To Prepare Your Apartment for Guests During Thanksgiving at The Hills

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Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family in your apartment at The Hills is probably at the top of your to-do list this Thanksgiving. It's the opportune time to catch up and be grateful for the harvest and blessings in the previous year. Keep reading to discover the ways you can keep your apartment ready as you anticipate guests.

Prepare a Guest List

A guest list is arguably the most important aspect of the festivities. It helps you determine who's coming and their preferences regarding foods, sleeping patterns, and travel itineraries. Additionally, you should send out invites early on to ensure none of your anticipated guests miss out. Another handy tip is distinguishing between kids and adults as you prepare your apartment's bedrooms and living quarters, keeping in mind couples and their privacy needs. Don't forget to plan how you'll pick up and drop off guests from far-away destinations at the airport or train station.

Menu Plan and Organization

Structuring apartment kitchens are essential since cooking in an apartment kitchen could be troublesome, especially if you're hosting many guests with different cuisine preferences. The turkey is an obvious candidate to appear in Thanksgiving dinner. Therefore, it's best to clean your oven beforehand to prep it for Turkey Day.

When setting the table, consider sitting in the area closest to the kitchen to avoid inconveniencing guests as you pass by. Moreover, you may need to set separate tables of different sizes for kids of different ages to increase comfort as they eat.

Holiday Game Ideas at The Hills

Thanksgiving is also a day to explore the surrounding amenities near The Hills apartments. For instance, you could enjoy a game of basketball or tennis with kids and guests at Miller Park. You can also visit the Arcade Creek Park Preserve, where the kids can have fun with the vast playing equipment. Enjoy an unforgettable Thanksgiving at The Hills, courtesy of its state-of-the-art amenities, including stainless steel appliances and a fireplace. Your guests can also bring in their pets as the apartments are pet-friendly.

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