Celebrating Halloween at The Hills

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This year's Halloween celebrations may not be as intense as they have been in the previous years because of COVID-19. There is a need to keep some distance between you and the next person, and that means minimizing interactions. This, however, should not suck the fun out of your holiday. We came across so many ideas about celebrating Halloween at The Hills during this pandemic that we could love to share with you. Below are some of them:

How to Decorate Your Apartment

Make your apartment a den of horror! Try installing black curtains or decorating with fake spider webs or paper bats. Go ahead and arrange gravestones on your doorstep. Do not limit your creativity. Think of all spooky outdoor decorations that could be scary and go for them. What about hanging fake human skulls on your patio? It is all about making everything as ghostly as possible. You could also add some spooky music to amplify the Halloween spirit! Decorate as much as you like but be careful not to cause any damages or losses.

How to Celebrate At Home

There are many Halloween ideas you can try if you choose to celebrate at home with your family. For example, you may choose Halloween costumes of your favorite Halloween characters, tell ghost stories, or set up a ghost train in your hallway. Encourage your family members to come up with unique ideas— It could be something they have read somewhere, heard, or even watched someone do. You can also try Google for more. Trick and treat each other, and these memories will stay a lifetime.

Halloween Hotspots Near You

If you do not want to celebrate at home or are alone, you can try Halloween hotspots near you. Halloween in The Hills has always been fun, and there will definitely be some Halloween stores and haunted attractions open to the public. As a The Hills resident, it is not over until you do some boat riding.

Whatever you choose to do during this Halloween, remember that coronavirus is not yet behind us, and it could affect you and your family. Be safe.

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