A Rainy Day in Your Orangevale Apartments

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A Rainy Day in Your Orangevale Apartments

If a rainy day has you feeling as dreary as the weather, we’ve got a great suggestion that will transform your Orangevale apartment’s living room into a cozy movie marathon haven! A rainy day is an excellent time to turn inwards and partake in an afternoon of indulgence. All you have to do is pick several of your favorite films, and you are set!

Things to Do in Your Apartment on a Rainy Day

Just because the weather is gloomy, doesn’t mean your plans have to be. If you are looking for things to do in your apartment on a rainy day, it is time to round up some of your pals for an afternoon of discussion and adventure.

Let the Star Wars Marathon Begin!

A movie marathon experience can be a great past time to bring back childhood memories with your buddies! Perhaps selecting a throwback movie trilogy to your childhood era will be a great way to reminisce with friends.

Another great suggestion is to hold a movie marathon watching party for a particular franchise. For example, if you and your buddies are Star Wars aficionados, starting with the original Star Wars Trilogy and working your way towards the more modern and recent adaptations will be a lot of fun!

You can ask your buddies to wear their favorite Star Wars gear to liven up the party.

Bring out the Beverages and Popcorn!

If dreary winter weather is the culprit for cabin fever, we’ve got the perfect remedy. It’s time to embrace the rainy day and round up some friends for a fun-filled movie marathon afternoon.

All that is left is to coordinate the beverages and who will bring the popcorn!

What are some of your favorite movie franchises? Share with us and let us know in the comments!

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